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The thirtieth anniversary of Robotics Institute, SJTU
Posted by:【Xinjun Sheng】     On:【2009-10-26】
Autumn is fruitful. In this beautiful season, Robotics Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University welcomed the 30-year Birthday. Over sixty faculties and alumni from across the country came back to Mechanical Building, recalled the history of institute founding, and looked forward to a better future. Prof. Zhong-qin Lin (Vice president, Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Prof. Yan-min Tao, (Secretary, School of Mechanical Engineering, SJTU), Prof. Li-Feng Xi (Executive dean, School of Mechanical Engineering), Prof. Xin-Rong Li (Associate secretary, School of Mechanical Engineering), Prof. Xiang-yang Zhu (Associate dean, School of Mechanical Engineering), and other leaders attended the rally and delivered a warm speech to thank the alumni for their outstanding contributions for the development of robotics technology of SJTU, and to encourage the current faculties to achieve the innovation and the continuous development in the robotics technology field.

There were 11 organizations or companies majoring in robotics having sent congratulatory mail for this anniversary, including:
1. CAS Shenyang Institute of Automation
2. State Key Lab of Robotics Technology and Systems, Harbin Institute of Technology
3. Robotics Institute, Beihang University
4. Institute of Intelligent Robotics, School of Mechatronics Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology
5. Shanghai Research Institute of Robotics
6. Machinery Automation and Robotics Laboratory, Shanghai University
7. Shanghai Robotics Society
8. ABB (China) Robotics R & D Center
9. Yaskawa Electric Corporation
10. Shougang Motoman Robot Co., Ltd.
11. KUKA Automation Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
At the same time, Academician He-gao Cai of Harbin Institute of Technology, the well-known experts in the field of robotics sent a message to congratulate the establishment of our institute, "In the former 30 Years after institute founding, your institute has keeping in a close connection with national needs and the development trend of robotics technology, and made a remarkable achievements in research work, cultivated a number of high-quality expertise in robotics technology, made outstanding contributions for the development of our national robotics and mechatronics industry. "

Mr. Hong-fu Yang, the Secretary of Shanghai Robotics Society, and Prof. Zhi-Liang Yao, Shanghai Robotics Institute of Shanghai University attended the ceremony and addressed the congratulatory speech. "Shanghai Jiao Tong University has successfully developed a number of robots, including 'Shanghai I Industrial Robot' and 'Shanghai III Industrial Robot', and carried out a deep basic research, and has great effect in the international academic circles. Wish Robotics Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University to achieve greater success in the future! "
Prof. Han Ding, the director of Robotics Institute and the Cheung Kong Chair Professor, summarized the overall work in his duty and introduced the main research contents in the present three research directions, including the advanced electronic manufacturing and mechatronics control, the robotics and industrial robots, the intelligent and special robot. The former directors of Robotics Institute, Prof. Wen-ying Liu, Prof. Hou-zong Jiang, Prof. Xi-fang Zhao, Prof. Tian-sheng Lv, recalled the work of the Institute of bits and pieces on behalf of the original faculties. They expressed the attaching feelings on Robot Institute and faithfully wished Robotics Institute a better tomorrow, make greater achievements in the areas of teaching and research!
Determine to pay the years, no dream of fame. Thirty years from spring flower to autumn fruit, thirty years from start to cast the brilliance. Since 1979, the establishment, through the wisdom and the accumulation of efforts of several generations of colleagues, Robotics Institute of SJTU has achieved the change from scratch to rich, from weak to strong, and has become one of important research base of robotics, industrial robotics and mechatronics systems and equipments in China. There now have 27 faculties in institute, including 6 Professors, 14 Associate Professors, 7 Ph.D. supervisors. Among the faculties, there are 2 professors having received the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, 2 professors having been appointed as Cheung Kong Chair Professor by the national Ministry of Education, 1 professor having been hired as the chief scientist of national 973 program, 1 professor having selected in the leading talents plan of Shanghai Department of Education, 1 engineer having achieved the title of Shanghai Technician (only one in high education branch), 10 persons having been selected in the provincial or ministry talents program.
With the former brilliance make a better future. All past achievements embodied the struggle and dedication of the teaching staffs and graduate students of Robotics Institute, and the future opportunities and challenges need us to make unremitting efforts. With the opportunity of this thirtieth anniversary, all colleagues in the Robotics Institute led by Director Han Ding will emancipate the mind, change the old ideas, forge ahead in unity, and move toward the higher and further goal in academic research, disciplinary development, personnel training and so on.
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